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Karine Sar

Founder and Executive Director

Karine Sar is the Founder and Executive Director of Deline’s Gift. She is a seasoned international development professional with extensive experience in global humanitarian action programs focusing on issues pertaining to women and children. With 15 years of experience working at the United Nations, she is well versed in program/project design, monitoring, evaluation, planning, process facilitation, communication, partnership development, fund-raising and training processes to improve the status of disadvantaged women and children.

Born in London, U.K., Karine grew up in Senegal, her country of origin, where she flourished until graduating high school. Soon after, she moved to Canada to pursue higher education. There, she earned a master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Quebec in Montreal, and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Quebec in Hull. She also pursued postgraduate studies in non-profit and public administration and holds numerous certifications through her work at the United Nations.

It was during these formative years that she developed a passion for social change.

“I have always had compassion for others, and strived to help whenever possible. But in my late teens and early twenties, I was exposed to a world of diplomacy, travel and community service (my mother being an international civil servant), which made me certain I wanted to do something that would help people”.

Becoming a humanitarian worker seemed almost inevitable, and materialized through an enriching career at the United Nations. But it was the loss of her beloved and precious mother that made her fully grow into her calling.

“After she passed, I began spending more time in Senegal and became more aware of women’s struggles with extreme poverty. I realized how good I really had it. Their stories screamed for my attention, and propelled me to act on my growing need to honor my mom’s memory by doing something impactful.”

These exchanges solidified her resolve: “I am a problem solver…that is what I am at my best…I had to take it further.” That’s when she became interested in vocational training and micro loans, which, in her own words, are “one of the most effective tools for empowering women to take the fight against poverty into their own hands.”

In 2014, she founded Deline’s Gift, an American non-profit organization that empowers marginalized women and turns them into agents of change. Deline’s Gift positions itself as a tangible avenue for uplifting disadvantaged women by providing them with practical opportunity such as innovative vocational training, interest-free micro loans and essential resources.

Karine shares her time between the USA, where Deline’s Gift is headquartered, and Senegal, where it operates. She is fluent in Wolof, English and French and has a solid command of Spanish. She is an avid writer, reader, traveler and passionate photographer.

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Julie Perry

Director, Communications

Julie has been a professional linguist since 2007. Since then, she has collaborated with several United Nations organizations and NGOs, and developed a keen interest in international development issues. Sensitive to the situation of underprivileged women and children, she makes an impact through Deline’s Gift by vetting and managing part of its internal and external communications.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Civilization from the Paris Sorbonne University, a master’s degree in translation and terminology from the ISIT intercultural communication school (Paris, France), and a master’s degree in translation and multimedia communication from the University of Haute-Bretagne (Rennes, France).

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Ludmila Brandao

Director, Outreach

A corporate social responsibility (CSR) leader with human rights and business development expertise, Ludmila serves as the social responsibility manager for an apparel company. She manages CSR programs in Asia, the Middle East and Africa that aim to protect garment workers’ rights and minimize the environmental impact on the company’s supply chain.

Before this, Ludmila worked with the United Nation’s Global Compact Office and TV Globo.

Growing up in Brazil, Ludmila often witnessed extreme poverty. This inspired her to want to serve the world’s most disadvantaged populations. She is passionate and excited about Deline’s Gift, and is especially keen on developing partnerships and sponsorships in support of its mission.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Pontificia Universidade Catolica in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a master’s degree in Professional Studies in Global Management from the Fashion Institute of Technology; and a master’s degree in Public Administration, with honors, from the School of Public Affairs, Baruch College in New York.

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Maty Ndao Diop

Local coordinator

Maty is an experienced community organizer with over 30 years of experience under her belt. At Deline’s Gift, she is responsible for the daily management and monitoring of local activities.

As such, she serves as liaison between the executive team and the women of Deline’s Gift. She organizes monthly group meetings with the women, collects repayment and conducts regular visits to assess progress against goals and benchmarks.