Because poverty is the great divide of our lifetime.
And women and children are most affected by it.
Because one woman is every woman. And one child is every child.
Therefore, what affects them impacts all of us.
And what lifts one person lifts the world entire.
Because what improves a mother’s life changes her children’s future—and
all our futures.
Because we believe in being present in the world—in our communities—
noticing their needs and meeting them.
It’s a call to action instead of tired debates, because knowing and debating
are not actions.
It’s an opportunity for the least of the least fortunate.
A chance to deliver their own transformation.
It’s dignity over dependence. Choice over charity.
A hand up, not a hand out. And ripple effects for all.
Why? Because this work is necessary and it matters.
Disadvantaged women and their children matter.
And humanity is as good as they are.
Because we care and claim responsibility for the world we live in.
Driven as we are by an obstinate vision of an inclusive world in which
women live free of poverty and barriers, with dignity and purpose.