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Our partners supplement our work with unique resources and capacity to fulfill goals we may not otherwise achieve. Together, we deliver better outcomes for the women and the communities we serve.

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Barefoot College provides solutions to problems in rural communities, with the objective of making them self-sufficient and sustainable. These solutions are trainings in Solar Electrification, Livelihood Development, etc. With a focus on the Least Developed Countries, Barefoot believes in empowering uneducated and poor Women to become agents of sustainable change. We, at Deline’s Gift, are thrilled to partner with the Barefoot College to train our women to become Solar Electrification Engineers. Thanks to this partnership, entire communities will transform and benefit from solar lighting. Indeed, during the six-month training program supported by the Indian Foreign Ministry, women are taught to assemble solar panels and lanterns. Upon returning, they help electrify their villages, repair faults to installed lighting panels and train other women. This solar initiative is of great contribution to the empowerment of the women of Deline’s Gift, to quality of life, children’s education and environmental sustainability.

The Lovin’ Soap Project teaches soap making and business workshops to women in developing countries and helps them start micro-businesses. Their workshops empower women, help them earn an income and save lives through access to hygiene. Deline’s Gift has partnered with the Lovin’ Soap Project to bring soap making and business workshops to the women of Deline’s Gift in Senegal. This partnership is availing new skills and access to new markets to disadvantaged women.

Deline’s Gift and the Wheelchair Foundation share a common goal of addressing the needs and promoting the abilities of people with physical disabilities. Our partnership has delivered brand new wheelchairs to over 100 disabled women and children of Deline’s Gift, who needed them but could not afford them. These donations deliver hope, mobility and independence, and improve the ability of disabled persons to go to school, to work and be productive, to go to the market and to socialize with friends.

Our partnership with WasteAid UK connects the vulnerable women we serve to waste management experts and resources. Thanks to this partnership, women benefit from the enterprising opportunities waste management presents locally. And this action helps to overcome multiple waste management challenges and leads to improved community health, well-being and environmental health.

The Women Initiative Gambia (WIG) works with financially poor women in Gambia to give them a voice in their own development. Women are trained with income-generating, investment and decision-making skills. WIG has been a pioneer in the region in turning waste into income for disadvantaged women. In a powerful partnership amongst disadvantaged African women, WIG helps deliver training to the Senegalese women of Deline’s Gift in turning organic waste into income-generating products.