We seek a world free of poverty and inequality, in which disadvantaged women gain access to training, interest-free capital and essential resources that allows them to work and provide for themselves.

In this world, Deline’s Gift will be recognized as a force and ally of choice for underserved and marginalized women and children. We will be known for our integrity and commitment to promoting opportunity over charity, and dignity over dependence for disadvantaged women and children.



Our mission it to empower impoverished and disadvantaged women and children of Senegal, West Africa, to reach their full potential. We provide vocational training, interest-free micro loans and essential resources that lead to income generation and improved lives for women, their children and communities. Our ultimate goal is to eradicate barriers leading to poverty and inequality and to provide economic opportunities to disadvantaged women.


We have adopted these core values to guide our work:

We believe in dignity for all and treat everyone with care and compassion. We value the lives, concerns and journeys of the people we serve. We accept and support diversity of cultures, experiences, ideas and opinions.
We value excellence and seek innovative solutions in our quest to create access and opportunity for marginalized women and children.
We are mindful that our mission is accomplished thanks to the generosity of supporters. Therefore, we use resources efficiently and transparently. And we evaluate programs and expenditures regularly to ensure efficiency.
We act with honesty to deliver on our mission. We take pride in our work and in the communities we serve.
We believe in partnerships and in strengthening existing potential. We base our work on trust and solid relations with those who share our vision. We value feedback and are responsive to inputs and guidance from partners and beneficiaries alike.